Off-road Teardrop Trailers For Rent

We have the Extreme Tears Off-Road teardrop trailers for rent here in northern Michigan.  Trailers are picked up and dropped off in Charlevoix, Michigan. Prices are generally $90 per night, or $75 per night for rentals of a week or more. The trailers are very light (approximately 1300 lbs),  so most any vehicle can tow one without much trouble.  Your vehicle will need a 2 inch ball, and a standard round 7 blade trailer plug (or suitable adapter).  For our rentals, used trailers are frequently sold and new trailers purchased… so if the exact trailer you’ll get is important, contact us to see what is available.

We generally sell off any used rental trailers we have left every fall… if you may be in the market for a used trailer, get ahold of us to see what may be available. The trailers are usually in almost like new condition, and we usually discount them by 25% or so…

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